10/5 - 10/8 2017

Ride Support

How Ride Allegheny Supports Our Riders

From before the ride to on the road, Ride Allegheny is there every step of the way to support you in a safe and successful ride experience!


Before the Ride

Training and Fundraising Support

If you’re a cyclist then you know what it means to have to get used to the seat you’re riding on for a few hours at a time. If you’re new to the cycling sport then you definitely want to get some miles in to get the legs and rear-end ready. There are a ton of fun opportunities to train with the RA Crew before the ride.

Over the course of the year leading up to the ride, we will coordinate regular training rides for registered riders and prospects to participate in. The purpose of the rides are three-fold:

  1. Meet and bond with new and veteran riders
  2. Train (of course)
  3. Get out and have some fun!

The training rides may involve a tour of local wineries in Maryland or Virginia, it could be a ride down the C&O canal to Arlington Cemetery to witness the famous “changing of the guard,” it could also be a pub ride along a 20 mile loop! We also have specific “training” rides for rookies that are designed specifically to get accustomed to riding on the C&O Canal and becoming familiar with your pace that you’ll take on the RiDE itself.

Once you’re registered for the RiDE, be sure to keep a close eye on newsletters, email blasts, and website updates for the specifics on the training rides. Of course you can train on your own, but it’s fun and a great way to meet some of the group beforehand when you train with us! Check the CALENDAR page on this website regularly for event schedules and details.

Part of what we do at RiDE Allegheny is raise money to support our troops. If you’re new to the fundraising effort and want to get some tips and tricks on how best to approach your potential donors, be sure to jump over to the fundraising link. There you’ll find good ideas that will help guide you towards a successful fundraising effort!

Ride Guide

The Ride Guide handbook provides you with all of the finer details you’ll need to know for this year’s ride, such as:

  • What to pack
  • When and where to be
  • Daily timelines
  • Cue sheets
  • Key contact info
  • Lodging and dining details
  • Much, much more…
Download the Ride Guide (PDF)
On the Road

SAG, Mechanical, & Food Support

SAG Check-In Process

Rider safety is a major priority for our ride. To ensure everyone is accounted for and nobody gets left behind, we have a rider check-in process implemented. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you check in with the SAG Support personnel at each and every stop. Notify them by Rider Number which is located on your bag and bike tags (given to you prior to the ride). This includes morning departure, all rest stops, lunch and arrival. There will be a SAG Support representative conveniently located at each of these stops and it is critical that you check in with them.

If someone doesn’t check in it may be necessary to double back and look for them. So even if you don’t plan to spend time at a particular location you will need to stop and check in.


One of the unique features of the RiDE is the fact that we have a mobile bicycle shop that joins the ride for each and every day as we make the trek from Pittsburg, PA back to DC. Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop (JRABS) is a Laytonsville, MD based bike shop that has been a longtime supporter of the ride and comes along with us on the journey to assist all the riders as needed to get you (and your bike!) back home in one piece.

There is always the chance of a flat tire, chain, and mechanical issues in general that go along with riding a bike over a considerable distance. JRABS sets up every morning before the ride begins, at various checkpoints throughout the ride, and each night after the ride to give you ample opportunity for a bike “check-up” and repair.

We are very proud of this convenience and appreciate JRABS for their support! You are encouraged to also put a bike bag on your bike and bring along some essentials for yourself. Check out the gear guide link for finding out what we recommend you carry. And just so you know you aren’t alone, our riders are very in tune when someone needs help. You can expect that every time you stop along the ride and someone comes along, they are going to ask if “you’re good?” or if you need any help. Even if you’re just enjoying the sights!

Food Support

Just when you thought you were going to have to squish a few bananas and sandwiches in your jersey pocket, rest assured there will be plenty of snacks available at each rest stop! Of course, if you are into prepping with electrolyte supplements, snack bars, goo or other types of ride snacks, go for it! But each day as we ride, there will be lunch stops and check points that provide meals and snack opportunities along the way. We have American Legion support, local school and girl scout troops and a few other support groups that work with our organization to help the cause and keep our bellies full!


So now you’re riding a bicycle for four days. Certainly we have to stop at some point each night and get some rest, something to eat, or a few drinks to celebrate the day’s effort, right?!

The ride begins on Thursday morning, but on Wednesday afternoon, the majority of the riders will meet in Gaithersburg, at Smokey Glen Farms, to load up the bikes and bags and hop on a charter bus to ride up to Pittsburgh, PA. This tends to turn into a bit of a pre-ride celebration!

Check the LODGING page on this website for details on when and where to make reservations. Just be aware that we’ve got you covered for Thursday night in Ohiopyle/Cumberland. All other nights are your responsibility.

In addition to providing nutrition throughout the ride, we organize (and sometimes pay for) group dinners in the evenings. Be sure to visit the lodging link for details on all accommodation options for each night of the RiDE.

On Night Three (Saturday) in Hagerstown we have a large group banquet dinner and celebration in one of the hotel ballrooms. It’s a great way to recount stories from the first 250 miles of the ride, and to prepare for the final leg the following morning.

after the ride

There’s no better feeling than making your final pedal into Smokey Glen Farm through the arched balloon finish line with hundreds of a family, friends and Troops cheering you on! It’s a memory you’ll carry with you forever!

And if you hadn’t eaten enough on the ride, we give you one more opportunity to feast with your friends and family at the end of the ride Picnic and Awards Celebration! Here we announce the final fundraising total and hand over the “Big” check to Cindy and Operation Second Chance!