The Ride Of Your Life To Raise Funds Supporting Our Wounded American Heroes

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Your Dollars At Work

See how Ride Allegheny fundraising campaign impacts lives of the Wounded Heroes and their families.

Ride Allegheny offers an opportunity for you to join a cause greater than yourself – an opportunity to support the wounded Soldiers, Sailors and Marines that have given their all so we can live free.

How Funds raised impact Heroes' lives

Military Medicine today does an extraordinary job of saving severely injured men and women who not long ago would not have survived. That is an extraordinary achievement! The consequence of this accomplishment is survivors come back with severe physical and emotional challenges requiring extra ordinary care, over a long period of time. Yes, the military covers the medical procedures, but…

Who covers the expenses of the families traveling to be with the loved ones?

Who covers their expenses when the family members are away from their jobs supporting their loved one going thru surgery / therapy / rehabilitation?

Who assists with advanced prosthetics so these young men and women can run, swim, climb or cycle again?

Who provides moral assistance that goes beyond endless prescriptions of medicines to help heal the trauma rather than numb the pain?

No one!

Treatment often continues for months or even years. Part of healing is being with family and friends who provide support during this road back to “some normalcy.”

Operation Second Chance (OSC) is there to fill the void where the government falls short and a financial / emotional need remains. OSC steps up to help these heroes that have given so much and asked so little for their sacrifice.

What is Operation Second Chance largest single funding source? The “Freedom Riders” that raise the money as part of Ride Allegheny; they provide the support that helps the bridge the gap in coverage.

If you want to do something larger than yourself, donate, register, fund raise, finish the ride, come to the post-ride picnic and meet the troops and their families and you too will find Ride Allegheny to be the “Ride of Your Life!”
Join the team that goes above and beyond the call of duty –
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Some of the Assistance provided in 2016
wheelchair adaptability
medical emergency grants
immediate family needs.
heroes went on trips.
Your fundraising dollars at work
$50.00: Supply a Service Dog with Food
$150.00: Help a Veteran with Groceries
$250.00: Cover airfare for a Veteran to be with Family
$500.00: Airfare and Hotel for a Veteran to be with Family
$1,000.00: Help with a Veteran's Mortgage/Rent